31-08-2022 20th Anniversary

2023 will be the 20th anniversary for Rectal Smegma! So to celebrate, we want to let some of our classics return to the live set... tell us which song(s) you would like to hear us play live?

17-08-2022 Wacken Open Air

Sooo Wacken Open Air was our final festival show this year and as said, our bass player Ruud is taking a leave of absence for the time being. But this is by no means the end for Rectal Smegma! We will be working on new material soon, and are eager to start planning festvals for 2023! So festvals, get in touch with us!

08-08-2022 A message from Luuk

A message from our bass god Luuk aka Ruud Kneiterboon... we love you, buddy. You are always a part of us:

Super tired and everything is sore, but damn that was one hell of a show at Wacken Open Air for Rectal Smegma, I think the best one we've ever done maybe! Never expected to make it this far at all, yet here we are! It's not easy to write this, but as the famous saying goes you quit while you're ahead, so I hereby have to announce the sad news that I'm quitting my bass duties for the foreseeable future. It feels like I've accomplished everything I could dream of being in a band and with all the stuff that is currently going on with Doomstar Bookings and De Kneiter I just can't find the time for this in my head or in my agenda. It feels like the right thing to do for now, but it definitely feels as a temporary hiatus, even though I have no idea for how long yet. The band will continue to play without me with a replacement for the time being. I wanna thank these 3 dudes from the bottom of my heart for everything they have given me in my 11+ years playing with them. We've laughed, cried, bled, raged, crushed and partied our way through several continents, countries and played most of the prestigious metal fests Europe has to offer for a crazy band like ours. It's given me a sense of fulfilment and a plethora of memories that I will never forget but expect to see flash before my eyes in the last moments before I die (even if sometimes we need to be together all 4 to recreate somewhat of a plausible story from our adventures hehe)! I love you guys, I truly do, it's always been an honor and a pleasure to have been standing alongside you on stage and I'll hopefully be allowed to return to that position in time. Cheers!

27-11-2019 Hellfest

Bon soir! Things just keep getting crazier... we will be playing the amazing Hellfest in la douce France next summer. Come drink with us on Saturday!

28-10-2019 Sickness Before Christmas

Check out this awesome line up!

20-09-2019 New Metal Festival 2020!

Slaughter in Slovenia again next summer! Metal Days presents New Metal Festival 2020!

06-09-2019 Mixomatosis Split EP

Out now! Our super duper limited to 50 copies split with Mixomatosis, featuring live tracks from our performance at Carnage Feast in 2014! Our very first 7 inch release! Order through Infecció Underground Productions!

21-06-2019 Summer Breeze Open Air 2019

Check out this line up! Great to return to this awesome festival after 4 years Summer Breeze Open Air 2019!

07-06-2019 Flesh Party Open Air 2019

Flesh Party Open Air 2019 here we come fuckers! Tomorrow 21:50 show time!

28-05-2019 Live video

Cool video of our show at Outch! Extreme Metal Fest in Dommarien, France last weekend.

24-05-2019 Deathfeast Open Air 2019

Awesome flyer for a most excellent party in August at Deathfeast Open Air 2019! Ultra sick line up, many friends on the bill, who else will we see there? Spass machen guaranteed!

11-04-2019 Reurn to Portugal

Return to Portugal! We'll be anticipating on absurd alcoholic antics at XXXAPADA 2020!

29-03-2019 Masters Of Grind

Final flyer of this awesome fest! Looking forward motherfuckers!

28-03-2019 Rectalic Smegmacht

Hein and Ruud (our guitar player and bass player) are now official members of the Rectalic Smegmacht!

18-03-2019 Deathfeast Open Air

We are stoked to join the party at Deathfeast Open Air 2019! Come pledge your allegiance to the Reinheitsgebot!

14-03-2019 Live video

"Genophobia" live at Obscene Extreme Festival 2018!

12-03-2019 Outch! Festival

Bonjour France! In May we will come visit you for a 2nd time this year, at the awesome Outch! Festival. Plus de fromage de bit dans ton cul woohoo!!

12-03-2019 Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2019

Looks like we're gonna end this year with a bang once again, we're playing the longest-running extreme metal indoor festival of the Netherlands! Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2019 are you ready for a party?!?! We better see some sinterklazen and kerstmannen in the moshpit for this one!

09-07-2018 new T-Shirts

Brand new shirt with design by Roberto Toderico, available at Rotten Roll Rex!!

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