30 january 2016: Back to Spain

7th of may we go back to Spain again! Looking forward to this one! Culo y las tetas!

28 january 2016: Grindhoven

The epic poster for Grindhoven V is done, stoked to hit the stage one last time with our friends of Rompeprop! This party is gonna be off the hook!

27 january 2016: Fekal Party

And we're confirmed for our annual trip to Czech Republic, this time we'll be hitting up Fekal Party in Prague together with out homies in Cliteater! Pivo, curva, absinth, slivovitsj, zvracet, děkuji!

27 january 2016: Serpent King Guitars

More news about the gear for the recording of 'Gnork': we have managed to score an artist deal with Serpent King Guitars. Henri Sattler and his team have built this extremely cool Gnork-green SKG Pulsar. Full mahogany body and neck, ebony fretboard and a single Anvil pickup from Railhammer Pickups, there is no room for mercy with this baby.

22 january 2016: Bitch 2.0

In preperations for the upcumming recordings for the new album Gnork the Bitch is finally transformed into the Bitch 2.0!! New Optimounts, stands, cymbals, heads and hihat.

Fuck this shit, lets play some fucking metal!! \m/

21 january 2016: Freak 'N Grind Open Air

Suuuuuuperstoked for this summer festival in the sun, right on the beach, with this sick as hell line up!! It's been a long time Portugal, let's party!

20 january 2016: Flaat

Returning to where it all once began, we're playing de Flaat with our boys in Collision, gonna be one hell of a drunk night! Check it here.

10 january 2016: New banner!

Getting ready for the festival season in style, Gnorkstyle! Thanks to our sugar daddy Filip❤!

Only 2 months left for the new album Gnork to come out! Hope to see al you motherfuckers go apeshit this summer!

9 january 2016: Metalcon

Rustaaâgh update!

8 january 2016: Party San update

This one is also starting to shape up real nicely, gonna be one drunk and crazy party summer once again!

2 january 2016: Kaltenbach Open Air

And list is complete for Kaltenbach Open Air! Looking forward to this one end of summer!

2 december 2015: New album

Hang on to yer (drinking)helmets! Here is the preview flyer for the upcoming album GNORK! Going to be recorded in February and will be brought to you by Rotten Roll Rex March 2016!

Get Boozed and get Gored fuckers!

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