30 may 2015: New video!

It is with great proudness we present to you our new video for our song Double D Deathpunch of our last record Become The Bitch, we're extremely stoked with the result! We'd like to thank Koen Janssens, Barry Dijk, Wendy Kram and Jason Hornung for their time and help with this! Play it fucking loud and view while drunk!

21 may 2015: Obscene Extreme Japan

Time for a big milestone in our career once again, we'll be hitting Japan by the end of the year and play Obscene Extreme Asia! We are extremely excited to bring the bukkake blastbeats to you kamikaze kunts over there. You better turn up the sake production, Chokuchō Chinkasu is coming for you!

20 may 2015: New shirts!

Order now!

9 april 2015: 69% of Porngrind

Available now; The new ultra sexy threesome with Sixpounder Teratoma and Pussy Torpedo! 69% of Porngrind! Just € 10,- (ex. shipping)! Order now through!

23 january 2015: Brutal Assault!

Life is good!! Today we are superstoked to announce yet another killer festival for this summer. Brutal Assault will be the crime scene for some vicious goregrind and pounding grindcore! We're gonna have to put our livers to the ultimate test this year! Party on Mo*********rs! \m/

7 january 2015: Happy new year!

Rectal smegma wish you all a Happy new year! Check out these flyers!

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