23 january 2015: Brutal Assault!

Life is good!! Today we are superstoked to announce yet another killer festival for this summer. Brutal Assault will be the crime scene for some vicious goregrind and pounding grindcore! We're gonna have to put our livers to the ultimate test this year! Party on Mo*********rs! \m/

7 january 2015: Happy new year!

Rectal smegma wish you all a Happy new year! Check out these flyers!

10 december 2015: Summer Breeze

Check this out!! Just got confirmed for the mighty Summer Breeze Festival 2015! Germany beter prepare for some juicy Back Door Porn Gore cause its cumming your way! Party hard sicko's! \m/

20 november 2014: Flyers

And here is the beautiful poster for our first show with Stijn. Brutally pink after-christmas depression mosh alcohol party woopy!

And don't forget about this killer bill next summer, wir kommen wieder spass machen in Deutschland!

15 oktober 2014: In Flammen Open Air

We completely missed that we were announced for this festival because we were drinking, but we're proud to say we're part of the 15th anniversary of the In Flammen Festival! Spass, grass und ass!

26 september 2014: Obscene Extreme photo report!

Check out this awesome photo report from OEF! Many thanks to Kotylak! Check it out here!

22 september 2014: Ranger Rock 2015

Yoo Germany, we're confirmed for Ranger Rock 2015! Come and do the drunk mosh with us!

8 september 2014: Rectal Smegma vinyl!

Hi Fuckers!
Rectal Smegma "Because we care" LP is now availble thanks to Maximed Records (CZ), Rarach Katus Records (CZ) en Herrie Records Inc.
Option 1: LP 12,50 euro + postage
Option 2: LP en CD 20,00 euro + postage
For orders send a email to or check

22 august 2014: New flyers

Check out these flyers!

19 august 2014: Obscene Extreme videos

Anoter great video:

7 august 2014: Obscene Extreme pictures

Check out the media!

30 july: Thank you Obscene Extreme

Thank you Obscene Extreme Festival for one of the best weekends ever and for the craziest show we probably ever played. Humbled, proud and completely destroyed. Wire us money for liver transplants please!

11 juni 2014: Obscene Extreme

One of the best Obscene Extreme Festival line ups we've seen, proud to be a part of it! This is gonna be one hell of a party!

29 april 2014: New song

Download the newly recorded track Genophobia here!

3 april 2014: New video

Hey all you gory party people, here is some new audiovisual entertainment from Rectal Smegma! A beautiful video shot by Joost Nevels for our newly recorded track Genophobia, enjoy kids!

11 march 2014: Mexxxico

Hey Mexxxico, guess who is coming back!? We're coming back over for some tequila terror, sombrero circle pits and luchador love affairs by the end of october, get your livers ready!

21 february 2014: Videoclip

Hell yeah! We working on a new video together with our friend/director Joost Nevels. He did our last video I'm Loving it and we are very happy to work with him again!! 2nd of march we will hit the Dirty bird studio and recording a brand new song!

Youghurt, Gore and Naked Bitches!

19 february 2014: New pictures

New pictures in the media section!

22 january 2014: Obscene Extreme

Yes folks, we are happy to announce our third appearance at the Obscene Extreme Festival!!! Bring your swimming pants, inflatable toys and your best costumes to make this an unforgettable party once again! PIIIIIVOOOOOO!!!!!

9 december 2013: New posters

Check it out! Brand new posters. By every order 1 poster and 8 different design stickers for free!

3 december 2013: Distortion Fest!

Check out the pictures from Distortion Fest!

29 november 2013: Distortion Fest!

We hade a fucking blast Distortion last sunday! Thanks to all the great bands that played and people that came out! Special thanks to our own friends how came along and joined us during this fantastic day of noise and shitloads of beer!

9 november 2013: Distortion Fest!

Some awesome news just reached us, we get to play at Distortion Fest on November 24 in Eindhoven! Killer gig to bring 2013 to an end for us! Thanks to the organisation for this opportunity to wreck the Dynamo stage and drown the crowd in a pool of beer and gore! We're loving it already!

6 october 2013: New pictures

We made it back home alive from the UK!! Had a fucking killer time there with the lads of Prostitute Disfigurement! Super special thanks and eternal gore gratitude to the boys of Basement Torture Killings for all their work, you rock! Also thanks to Party Cannon for their help (sorry you aren't in this picture), hope to see everyone soon again! Proper pissed!

6 october 2013: New pictures

Added lots of new pictures from Deathfeast, Incubate etc. Check it out!

3 october 2013: Lords Of Metal review

Check out the Lords Of Metal review here:

3 october 2013: New video's

Some of our footage of our show at NRW Death Fest!

Our full show at Incubate, one of the best we ever played!

12 september 2013: Review Wings Of Death

New review from Wings Of Death! Check it out here.

10 september 2013: Review Aardschok

ust got back from an awesome night @ Death Feast! Thanks to everybody who came out en partied with us! At home we find a very nice surprise!! This edition of Aardschok metal megazine has the review for the new album Become The Bitch, 9.2! Fucking proud of that! Steven Smegma, thanks a lot!

10 september 2013: New shirts

Not only available is the new cd, also the shirts that come with it! Check out our brand new merchandise! Available by postal thru Get that shit!

22 august 2013: New flyer

Check out this new flyer!

19 august 2013: New CD out now!

Finally the new CD is out! Become The Bitch! Check it out for some nice Back Door Porn Gore in a 5 page digipack cross version! For orders & info mail to Play it fucking loud!

11 june 2013: New MP3's

Check out these new MP3's!

Creme Bukakke (2:06)
Two Girls One Cupcake (2:06)

2 august 2013: New pictures

Check out the new pictures from our show in De Bosruil and Russia!

11 june 2013: New MP3's

Check out these new MP3's!

Creme Bukakke (2:06)
Two Girls One Cupcake (2:06)

6 june 2013: New video

Check out our new video!

21 may 2013: Back from Russia

Moscow was awesome, what an amazing place to visit and play at! We want to thank all the dudes involved in getting us over there, especially Anton and Pasha for taking such good care of us. We hope to be back soon! Next show is July 26 at the Bosuil in Weert with Exhumed!!

7 may 2013: Neurotic Deathfest

We hade a fucking great time at Neurotic Deathfest! Everybody how joined us during the 100 degrees steaming hot Back Door Porn Gore session thanks for the support! Also played some shit from the upcoming album Become The Bitch, hope u liked it cause more of that is coming your way! Still playing it fucking loud! Cheerzzz!

6 may 2013: Herman Brusselmans

I think this is the first time the words Rectal and Smegma are used in one sentence on national Radio. Check it out here.

4 may 2013: Album cover

Check out the cover of the new album Become The Bitch! Artwork by no other than Roel Smit! Stay with us as we wait for the album to come out really soon now!

4 may 2013: Promo

Check out the promo for the new album comming soon!

5 april 2013: Roel Smit!

After a long search we found someone to draw the art for the upcoming Become The Bitch album, and it is none other than Roel Smit! All you Dutchies should know him from his cover art for the Large Popmerchandising catalog. We're stoked to have him working on it! And in other news, tomorrow we'll be shooting a new video for the track I'm Loving It! Expect more youtube pollution by the back door porn gore masters!

19 march 2013: Moscow!

Looks like it's gonna happen after all, Rectal Smegma is going to Russia together with our bros of Jesus Cröst! We've already started our wodka training, May 18 we should all be able to at least hold one bottle before puking!

25 february 2013: The final grinddown!

We are confirmed to lay gory siege on Jena once again on May 10!

5 february 2013: Russia and Death Feast!

As if there really might be a god, we have been given the chance to redeem ourselves in mother Russia. If all goes well this time we'll be playing in Moscow on May 18, together with our stop-and-go nerd power-violence brothers of Jesus Cröst! Time for vodka shots and dancing the horisontal troika!

For those who hadn't noticed yet, we'll be playing at the new in-door version of Death Feast this year with our buddies of F.U.B.A.R.! There is a lot more fun on the bill too, like Spasm, Jig Ai and Prostitute Disfigurement to name a few, gonna be one hell of a gory party!

30 january 2013: New photo

Hey kids! As some of you know we are in the process of writing a new album to be recorded in a few weeks. Most songs have already been finished, expect some fine ass drunken party gore grind from us as usual, your moms will love it! In the meantime, here is a nice picture of the photoshoot we did for the new album. If this doesn't make you horny, then what the hell are you doing here!

3 december 2012: Neurotic Deathfeast

We will play at Neurotic Deathfest! Check for more info

Neurotic Deathfest viert 10-jarig bestaan in 013
Neurotic Deathfest keert voor de 6de keer terug naar 013. Gestart als een evenement met 250 bezoekers en slechts 8 acts is het uitgegroeid tot het grootste extreme festival van Europa, met meer dan 45 artiesten. Dit jaar viert Neurotic Deathfest haar 10-jarig bestaan in 013 Tilburg. Op vrijdag 3 mei, zaterdag 4 mei en zondag 5 mei komt de absolute top van de extreme metal naar Tilburg. Het eerste deel van de line-up liegt er al niet om: o.a. Carcass, Repulsion en Immolation zullen optreden. Een 3-dagen early-bird passepartout kost € 75,00 (excl. servicekosten). Deze tickets gaan zaterdag 8 december 2012 om 10:00 uur in de voorverkoop.

Er zal een gelimiteerde oplage van early-bird tickets zijn. Een early bird ticket is een ticket voor alle drie de dagen en kost € 75,00 (excl. servicekosten) in plaats van de gebruikelijke € 90,00 (excl. servicekosten). De verkoop van de early bird tickets start op zaterdag 8 december om 10.00 via deze link.

Neurotic Deathfest 2013
Carcass + Repulsion + Immolation + Vallenfyre + Cryptopsy + Haemmorrhage + Decrepit Birth + Magrudergrind + Cattle Decapitation + Defeated Sanity + Internal Suffering + Antrapomorphia + Rectal Smegma + Enemy Reign + Wormed

Vrijdag 3 mei, zaterdag 4 mei of zondag 5 mei 2013 | aanvang 14:00 | zaal open 13:00 | Early-bird passepartout € 75,00 (excl. servicekosten) | Alle zalen.

Voorverkoop vanaf 8 december 2012

29 november 2012: Recordings new album!

In march we will start recordings for our next album 'I'm Loving It'... followed by a videoclip in april!

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